Laser Tag Birthday Party In Chevy Chase Maryland

Laser Tag party Chevy Chase Maryland
Laser Tag party Chevy Chase Maryland

This past weekend we entertained a bunch of rowdy 12 year olds with an awesome Laser Tag Birthday Party in Chevy Chase Maryland. We set up our Combat Style Laser Tag equipment right in their yard and used a lot of their existing landscape for added fun. Once we were ready to play, the kids gathered round. Our AWESOME referee called the group over so he could go over the rules and safety guidelines. The kids split into two teams and the games were on! Onlookers were having almost as much fun as the players as they cheered everyone on! With each round, the excitement grew.

Capture The Flag Was The Favorite Laser Tag Game

The favorite mission at this event was Capture the Flag and blue team was the winner. Of course, each team wanted to be victorious and the split was pretty even. The teams worked well together, communicating with one another about the other team. Combat Laser Tag was a great choice for this group of pre-teen boys and girls.

Tips For Planning Your Laser Tag Birthday Party

When planning a Laser Tag party be sure to allow enough time at the start of the party for all guests to arrive and all vehicles to leave the area. This way no one misses out on the first game. Also, be sure the play area or “battlefield” area has been gone over for any potential hazards. If any are found be sure to point them out to your referee so the hazard can be marked with a cone or the area can be excluded from playing field.

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