Adult Laser Tag Birthday Parties Delivered To You!

adult laser tag birthday partiesAge is just a state of mind and whether you are turning 20, 30, 40, 50 or anywhere in-between or beyond, Combat Laser Tag is the perfect way to refuse to grow up; and to say “in your face!” to getting older. Extreme Battle Sports offers a great alternative to typical adult birthday parties. Unlike conventional laser tag places, where you have to get everyone to the laser tag facility and your party is mixed in with a bunch of random strangers, we bring the Laser Tag to your location anywhere in Maryland, Virginia & D.C. (we do travel further). With our Adult Laser Tag Birthday Parties you can battle your friends in private laser tag sessions without having to worry about getting owned by some random cake-faced ten year old.

Only the best equipment!
No kiddy plastic phaser-sounding laser tag guns allowed! We bring AWESOME souped-up laser tag rifles modeled after your favorite Call Of Duty & Battlefield style video games. Play with awesome Mil-Sim laser tag guns like our M4 Sniper or our Stinger Assault Models. These laser tag guns are built with adult laser tag birthday parties in mind; with their metal construction, adjustable shoulder stocks, working red dot sights, real time scoring, and ultra-realistic sound effects they make you feel like you are really in the battle as soon as you pick them up. The sound effects are so detailed you even hear the bullet casing hit the floor about a second after you fire. We can customize our laser tag guns to fit your playing style. Just a few of our customizable settings are:

  • Fire Rate
  • Range (Shooting Distance)
  • Reload Time
  • Clip Capacity
  • Clip Quantity
  • Sound Effect Style (Choose From Military, Suppressed, or Space Age)
  • Muzzle Flash

We Have The Coolest Missions!

Adult Laser Tag Birthday PartiesWeather you like a complex laser tag mission with specific objectives like our Heist variant where players from one team have to race against the clock to pull off an epic heist while the other team guards and defends the loot; or Generals where players must defend their generals at all costs. Soldiers can re-spawn… Generals can not! If you just want to shoot as many of your friends as possible, we’ve got you covered there too! With classic variants like in Free-For-All or Team Death Match; where the objectives are pretty simple… take down the other players before they take you out! Either way we have several awesome laser tag missions sure to make every player happy.

How To Throw An Awesome Adult Laser Tag Birthday Party


adult laser tag birthday partiesWith adult laser tag birthday parties we can set up in as little as 5,000 sqft (50’ x 100’). However, the more room the better. Great locations include: Residences, Parks, Sports Facilities, Hotel Ball/Conference Rooms, Country Clubs, and Warehouses. We have even played in underground parking garages…. which was AWESOME! We are pretty flexible when it comes to a setup location, so bring on the ideas.


When it comes to securing your preferred date the sooner you call the better. We recommend calling at least three weeks in advance to secure your date.


Now don’t just throw together any old list here… You should put some thought into it. Who do you REALY want the opportunity to battle for supreme bragging rights? Who deserves to feel your wrath on the battlefield? Who do you want fighting by your side while you crush your enemies?


No biohazards allowed! Laser Tag is a very physically active game. Everyone usually prefers if players don’t blow chunks on the battlefield. So save the heavier foods for after the games. Lite snacks and drinks work best during laser tag games.


While totally optional, it’s always fun to strap a go pro to someone’s head and see a first person view of players getting owned!

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