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Mobile Laser Tag Parties!

No need to shuttle the crew to an off site location. We provide mobile laser tag for events and parties in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. Let us bring the laser tag action to you so you can spend more time having fun and less time on the road. Whether it’s an indoor location such as a gym, hotel ball room or a warehouse; or an outdoor location like a residence, park or even the woods; we use existing natural cover and augment with our portable barriers to create a true urban warfare experience.

The Experience!

Extreme Battle Sports specializes in providing our clients with an exhilarating Combat Laser Tag experience at their locations. Using our realistic military simulated laser tag guns, two teams will face off in various heart pounding missions. No plastic kiddy laser tag guns or bulky vests allowed! From their all metal construction to their realistic mil-sim sound effects, live feed back and scoring our Laser Tag guns provide a realistic experience that will leave your guests begging for more!

Fully Tailored Laser Tag Events

An experience to fit your play style. We will fully customize your laser tag party to your specifications. Like point-of-control type Laser Tag? No problem; King Of The Hill & Last Stand it is. Like to just dominate your enemy in head to head combat? We’ve got you covered there too; Team Death Match and Free-For-All is what you need! Want a mix of both? Check out Generals! Or…just play a round of each! All can be found on our missions page.

It’s Your Party!

One of the many benefits of hiring Extreme Battle Sports to bring the fun to you is having the ability to control the guest list! Typical Laser Tag facilities will combine your group with other groups to fill their arena so you never know who you will be playing against. With Extreme Battle Sports you have us bring the fun to your location so you have complete control.

The Domination Cube!

Domination Cube

Ramp up the intensity with the Domination Cube! This glowing cube changes EVERYTHING! In games like King Of The Hill and Heist, teams will frantically battle to gain and keep control of the Domination Cube all while under constant fire from the enemy. Once your team has captured the cube the timer will start to count down and the whole cube will glow your team color, signaling to your team that you have captured it…also signaling your enemy, so watch out because the hard part just began. Now you have to keep control of the cube while you complete your final objective, depending on the game type. Check out our missions page for more details!


With over a decade of experience we have the know-how to make your next event great! Mobile Laser Tag Parties are the perfect outside of the box idea for your next: